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    Winston Salem Cremation Service is a family-owned business and trusted provider of cremation services that offers direct cremation, traditional burial services, and an onsite chapel. Unlike most other crematoriums in the Winston Salem area, We offer direct cremations with no time restrictions. This means you can plan for your loved one from anywhere at any time by phone or email without worrying about being limited to a certain window of opportunity. Knowing what type of service is available to you also takes away some degree of stress from making decisions during this difficult time because it’s not necessary to stay near the body until all paperwork has been completed like it would be if they were having a traditional burial.
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    Call for a direct funeral, incinerations, memorial for your beloved in this difficult time

    Winston Salem is a great place to live. It was recently rated as a top 10 place for public schools in the USA. There is also many things to do such as parks, museums and the BB&T ballpark ,obituaries funeral home where the Winston Salem Dash play. A great park to visit is Wissahickon Park which has a rock climbing wall and very nice trails with many places to go hiking or services biking services along the Yadkin River nc winston-salem burial obituary memorial service.

    Lost beloved ? Book obituary incineration providers related assistance online and get beloved cremated.

    If you like history then downtown is the place to go obituaries funeral. There are many museums and historic buildings to visit such as the Old Salem Museum, the Hanes Art Gallery, The Grogan’s Mill Civil War Battlefield and at night a ghost tour around downtown. A great place for kids is Gentry skating and Fun Park. It has a skating rink, bumper cars, go carts, laser tag and arcade games. It also has an amusement park called Fun Forest USA obituaries with rides suitable for all ages. Please note some of these attractions can have admission fees but overall Winston-Salem is a great place to live or visit!

    Burial obituaries and obituary burial home publications are a traditional means of offering an obituary burial and other important details surrounding the life of a recently departed loved one. These obituaries are written primarily by those who have actually lived, or shall live long enough, to be able to recall the deceased. They provide unique insights and news of the dead that may best be enjoyed by those closest to them, as well as by the general public. These obituaries are often prepared weeks or months in advance. This is usually done by contacting the surviving family members burial, friends or colleagues and asking for a list of obituaries they have compiled over the years and providing them with a short list to be reviewed and chosen from.

    Many people choose to have Cremation Services Winston Salem perform traditional burial burial due to religious reasons or the desire for a quick burial. There are many benefits of choosing this option over a traditional burial such as a memorial service and cemetery marker. There are also advantages to choosing a cremation services Winston Salem because there are no embalming fees or insurance fees that need to be paid. This can be a costly endeavor and many times, families are forced to use a traditional burial planning service at a very expensive price.

    When a loved one passes away, they often have many items that are left behind from their life. Some of these items can be buried at home burial, but most cannot. A Winston Salem Cremation Service can help you get rid of some of these unwanted clutter. By cremating these unwanted items at home, you can be able to have a place to remember your loved one and keep their memory nearby, even after their death.

    Incineration Assistance Pre-Planning: What You Should Know

    • Cremation is Affordable
    • Prepaid Cremation Saves Money
    • Preplanning Gives You Control
    • Preplanning Provides Peace of Mind
    • Use the form on this page for a FREE cremation planning guide.

    Incineration Assistance in Winston Salem

    Mission: to provide a meaningful cremation service, and a friendly, caring atmosphere for family, friends, and loved ones.

    Our mission in Cremation Services Winston Salem is to provide a meaningful cremation service while giving the utmost care to every individual who steps foot into our burial, We take pride in being sensitive to the needs of our customers with an eye on understanding their personal tragedy. Our Values Honesty, Integrity, Nonjudgmental, Compassionate Care for the Grieving. What sets us apart, is our willingness to go above and beyond by providing a service that is personal in nature. Each staff member is committed to providing the best customer service experience possible. Each member of our staff will treat customers with dignity and respect, compassionately supporting them in their time of need. These qualities are a part of our Core Values, applied to each family and individual that we provide service for.

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    Our Colorado Springs Cremation Services team is committed to providing the best crematory services possible. We take pride in being sensitive to the needs of our customers and understanding their personal tragedy.Death is not the end, it’s just a doorway to another life. Where you will meet all your loved ones again and experience joyous reunions. Death may be an unwelcome event, but it is the natural order of life, A must accept and respected.Cremation practices have been present since the early days of civilization. With the Greeks giving it as the highest honor for their death, This custom was also knitted into history as a symbol of Braveness, pride, valor and Military rights for the fallen Warriors glories. However, religion and culture have dictated the types of practices for centuries, with contemporary society defining it as a more popular choice.Nowadays, people are opting for cremation as a choice to honor the deceased. Cremations offer many advantages that traditional burials do not, such as being more environmentally friendly and less expensive.

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    How does incineration work?

    The Body is made up of several parts including bone, muscle, and fat. In cremation these are broken down to their simplest form: ash (a powdery substance) and gases from the decomposition process.

    The body is cremated in an oven with temperatures reaching 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes about two hours to fully cremate a human body, depending on the size of the person and their weight. The process can then be finished off by crushing any metal parts left behind such as surgical implants or artificial hips.

    Once the bones are out of the oven, they need to cool for about an hour before being pulverized into tiny fragments. The Cremator then pours water on top of the ashes and uses a stirrer to break up any bones that haven’t fully decomposed yet. Next, this mixture is put through a screen with openings as small as one millimeter.

    Most of you wonder why go through the process of cremation and what it entails. Cremation is a great way to keep the deceased in their physical form after death so that they can be put into an urn or buried in a tomb, depending on your preferences. Compared to the process of burial, cremation is the cheaper option.


    Cremation Services offers a wide range of services and advantages.? Studies show that cremation is more cost-effective than traditional burial.? For example, the average funeral with a plot and headstone costs about $15,000 while an average cremation service can be as low as $1500.

    In addition to being cheaper on the front end, there are also many other economic advantages of choosing cremation over traditional burial.? For one, cremation is much less of a burden on the environment than traditional burial and other forms of interment. Traditional burials are an even bigger strain on natural resources when embalming fluid is used which can take up to four gallons of water for every gallon used in a body during the process while many metals such as copper, silver and mercury in the burial urns are toxic to our natural environment.

    This is one of the ideal ways to send off your loved one while saving money and the environment. Although cremation is cheaper upfront, it does not come without a price either ? One of the main disadvantages to cremating someone’s remains is that they are unable to be spread in an area which holds special significance or meaning for them.

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    Wide Array of PossibilitiesAshes are very versatile materials that can be used in a variety of ways. In many cultures, ashes are considered sacred and have been incorporated into ceremonies.When families choose cremation for their loved ones, they should consider scattering the remains over a favorite place or at sea to commemorate them. Another way to remember someone is by keeping some of the urn with you as jewelry to keep your loved ones closed to you.Here are some ways to incorporate ashes into a particular item and keep your deceased close to you.

    • Use ashes to make jewelry- to create a necklace or bracelet to keepsake from their ashes, There are companies and business that offers Jewelry creation with the ashes of your loved ones. Their cremated remains can be an important component of a bracelet, a necklace, ring, or earrings.
    • Make an ash painting – One ingenious way to always remember your loved one is to have a dedicated artist mixed their ashes with paint. You can hang it in your living room as memorabilia of your deceased.
    • Invite ashes into the house with you by using them to make pottery or decorative pieces for your home. -Create, scatter, and gather artifacts made from cremated remains in commemoration of those loved ones who have gone before us.
    • Put the remains in a painting, photograph, or other art project using them as pigment. It is a tradition for some native that the put ashes at the back of photo framed in their houses. As they believe the deceased will guide and protect them.
    • Spread some of the remaining ash over ground where your loved one liked to walk. You can also plant flowers on top of it and decorate with statues that remind you of their life
    • 3d printing is a newer technology that has been used to create personalized keepsakes from cremation ashes. These are typically made into figurines of the deceased, but you can also get just about any other type of item like jewelry or even an urn.
    • Some people may not want to keep cremated ashes at home because it can be hard watching them collect dust, or they just don’t feel like the right way of honoring their loved one is with a physical reminder around all the time.
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    Freedom in every sense

    Burial ceremonies involving a casket provide too many restrictions. While others choose to be situated in a cemetery, some people desired to experience their freedom and liberate themselves from being stuck a few feet underground. There are a range of selections the place your loved can be released.

    • Fireworks – This is a way for your loved one to be remembered with a literal bang via igniting up the sky. Commemorating them with amazing sparks can be the greatest tribute, to remind them that they are nevertheless always capable of lighting up the world.
    • Release them at sea – Ever noticed that your liked is anyone that is a massive seashore bum or simply especially fond of the sound of the currents? Well, releasing them at sea can be a splendid concept to in the end let them be a member of the waves. Not solely is this free, but this seems like a very memorable send-off, right?
    • Travel around the globe – Most people dream of having countless marks on their passports, of traveling the world and experiencing its each whim. If your cherished one is one such person, then carrying them in a transportable urn whilst leisurely touring countries at random can be an outstanding way to celebrate their life. Not only do you look at off one of the greatest goals on their bucket list, but you get to journey new sceneries with them.
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    • Ashes in Space – This is one way to provide celestial tribute to one who shines brighter than all the heavenly our bodies combined. There are more than a few groups that furnish such a journey; they launch biodegradable urns into space and scatters the continue to be across the outer components of the Earth. You can usually seem to be up at the sky and be reminded that they will continually be preserving their eyes on you.
    • To the moon and returned – Most human beings would specific their emotions by means of mentioning their love that scales from the moon and back. Well, this is now entirely possible! Sending off your beloveds remain on the moon, specifically if she adores gazing its each phase, is a very fantastic tribute. You can usually seem to be up the Earth’s beautiful satellite tv for pc and smile, simply like the sensation of having a secret.

    Environmentally FriendlySome people think that burial using coffin is more eco-friendly than cremation. However, the process of burying a body in soil is not exactly environmentally friendly even by its own standards because chemicals used for the embalming process can pollute the soil and groundwater. In addition, caskets are usually made from one-third (33%) of the world’s supply of forested land, which is a lot. Cremation has been found to be much more environmentally friendly than burial because it uses up less energy and produces fewer emissions than burning whole bodies.Once your loved one has been cremated, there are various environmentally friendly options for the final disposition.?These include burying them in a green or natural burial ground; scattering their ashes on unspoiled land with local approval and appropriate permission and to only help them return to Mother Nature’s arms.Some people are hesitant to scatter ashes in the ocean because they worry that it will pollute and harm wildlife. Honoring your loved one’s ashes to the coral reefs for it to become a living legacy can be beneficial for the environment and your loved ones. They will never be sad because of various marine life that comes their way underwater.Today, the idea of planting trees with ashes has become popular over time due to its symbolism for new beginnings and longevity. More and more people are choosing cremation as a way of honoring their loved ones. The use of cremated remains is becoming an important part to many burial customs in the USA, both at home and abroad.

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    Religions say Yes

    Ancient religions find cremation as something given to noteworthy individuals, and present ones are also adopting this mindset. The Bible does not mention cremation. The Catholic Church opposes it, but that is because the body must be present for a proper burial Mass. In Hinduism and Buddhism, cremation is seen as more of an option than a requirement – which leaves room for both Hindus who want to cremate their bodies or others who prefer traditional burial. There are also many religions, like Judaism and Islam, that allow cremation so long as it is followed by a proper burial.

    Cremation Services Winston Salem

    There are many more reasons why cremation is preferred by so many today. The following are some of the most popular reasons:? It’s less expensive than traditional burial services, cremation costs an average $700-800 while a standard burial can cost up to $20,000 in burial and cemetery expenses.?

    Cremations allow families to spread loved one’s ashes in a variety of ways including scattering, burying, or storing them. The cremated remains can be kept at home, stored with other family members’ ashes? such as grandparents and parents or even shared between friends who were close to the deceased person. If you’re looking for a local cremation service in the Winston Salem area, with services company that provides the necessary resources that are not only affordable but also offers the highest valor and respect or if you’re considering pre-planning your cremation arrangements now, then Winston Salem Creation Services is the one you’re looking for. If you’re seeking cremation services that understand and adjusts according to your needs, then booking an appointment with us can take the burden off your shoulders. At Cremation Services Winston Salem, we value your preferences above all else and respect your choices with the proper cremation send-off.